The ski resort is currently closed. Recreational vehicles, including snowmobiles, are not permitted. Sledding, tobogganing and tubing are also NOT PERMITTED within the ski area boundary. Hiking and touring in the off season is Not Recommended as a variety of natural and man made hazards exist such as avalanches, heavy duty equipment, lift maintenance, etc. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. With Whitewater as the tenure holder we hold the right to restrict access to the operational area for reasons of safety to our staff, guests and public.

Whitewater Ski Resort Snow Report

REPORT FILED ON:Thursday, November 26, 2015 12:42pm

REPORT UPDATED ON:Thursday, November 26, 2015 12:42pm

Current Temperature:-6.0°C/21.2°F

Expected Highs:-4.0°C/24.8°F

Sky Conditions:Scattered Skies

Wind Speed:Calm Winds

New Snow:

Overnight (4pm - 5am):0.0cms/0.0in

Past 24 Hours (5am - 5am):0.0cms/0.0in

Past 48 Hours: 0.0cms/0.0in

Past 3 Days:17.0cms/6.7in

Past 7 Days:24.0cms/9.5in

Settled Snow Pack:128.0cms/50.4in
Note:Snow heights are taken from our Summit Weather Plot, elevation - 1,950m/6,398ft.

Total Snow Accumulation to Date: 265cm / 104.3in